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Far Infrared Garment Testimonials from real people

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First of all I want to congratulate you on your product. My husband complained of pain and swollen joints in his hands for years. Within 2 weeks, the pain and swelling had reduced. Now there is hardly any there.

My mum has arthritis. She is in alot of pain. We are ordering her open finger gloves (she is a piano teacher) and the new socks that you have out.

She has taken some convincing but also asked if you had anything that she could use to place on her knee. She has quite a bit of pain in her knees. I couldn't see anything but said, I would write and ask you.

If you could get back to me when you can, I would appreciate it. However we will go ahead and order the gloves and socks.

Thank you and well done! I am so impressed with your product.
Shar D.


What I like about Prolotex Gloves

They work. No gimicks, no sales calls. a reliable product. I have rheumatoid arthritis and when its bad i wear them to bed at night and the next morning my hands aren't as painful or swollen as the would have been without the gloves. Now they just need to make them for every body part. Knees, neck, elbows, wrists, ankles, etc... and in plus sizes. (oh and the inside (palm area) needs to have some kind of non stick lines. like leather or pleather. when my hands are really bad i wear them all day and its hard to drive with knit gloves on the steering wheel.



I have been wearing a pair of your open fing gloves for a number of years. I wear them to bed every night. They are so great! It is time to get another pair as the rain and dampness have arrived in the Pacific Northwest, and I like to use them during the day. Thank You!! Mollie


to whom it may concern,

i ordered therpaygloves and was very very pleased and surprised how quick i got them
and want to thank you for the prompt and fast delivery!!! Really great..i got them on saturday and started to wear them right away...also in the night.
they feel very good and i hope that they will help my rheumtoide artrithis

The gloves feel good on my hands...but i dont really understand how it works for the healing...maybe you can explain. thanks

i also wondered what other products that are successful for rheumatoid artr. you may have
and i wondered if you have something like the gloves but for the ankles and knees????

thanks for your help
have a nice week
with my best regards
karin b.


Thanks, these gloves really help my husbands' hands stay warm.
Deborah H.


received the gloves thank you I am really thrilled to bits with them with in a couple of hours my pain was reduced it was that bad I just wanted my hand cut of so thank you so much for me been able to purchase them from you and I will recommend them to all my friends and family and the hospital that I attend.
thanking you Mary Moore 

dear amy you can have my permission to post my message onto your site .i have told a few of my friends about the gloves .i wish there was some thing like them for the spine and hips that would be wonderful if there was. In my right hand i feel no pain at all now i kept the gloves on all last night and all day today .So fingers and toes crossed that my left hand will also be free from pain That has arthritis plus carpal tunnel syndrome but i must say the pain is so much less now in that hand its like a miracle thank you the swelling has reduced so much .this morning i was going for a shower and i took the gloves of for some reason my small finger was so sore as if it was broken and you know what this is true when i put the gloves back on it went i took them off again about a half hour later and it was still ok .some one is looking down from heven sending your site to me !thanking you mary 


Thanks for the exchange for the different size. They work great for my hands. I was concerned about the fingers being too long, but they're just fine. Appreciate your help. Keep up the good work helping others.
Katharine C.


I've been meaning to get back to you regarding Prolotex gloves. The gloves have been working very well for me. Within two weeks of wearing the Prolotex gloves, I have noticed significant changes in the blood circulation of my hands. My hands are much warmer on a consistent basis, and do not turn to "ice cold" when touching cold items. These gloves are truly amazing and I cannot believe how quick I have had positive results. I've been searching for a solution to my problem of cold hands, and I've finally found it. Ryan R. S.


I received the gloves Tuesday afternoon, I type with them on.

I was in agony from flexor tendinitis - injury made worse by enforced and heavy use. My doctor said it was quote arthritis! I looked up trigger finger and found the correct diagnosis (actually, it's the thumb.) I am still extremely sore, but overnight there was a change, and now, Thursday afternoon, I can bend the thumb without the excruciating click!

I have no doubt that very soon my thumb will be healed. 

So, that's the report . I thank you so much. I hope you get many such notes of thanks! I wish you made small mats!

Now my question: when you say don't expose the gloves to direct sunlight, I assume that sunlight through glass panes is okay? I'd be grateful if you could let me know. I drive with them on, and sit in a sunny window!

Grace C.
Amy - 

Please feel free to use the testimonial. You have no idea how grateful I am! 

I have you permanently bookmarked!

Grace C.


I have arthritis in both hands and have been wearing your gloves (full finger) at night for about 2 months now. My finger joints are not as swollen and the pain has lessened. I was skeptical at first but will soon order a pair for my husband. They really do help
Thank you!
Cathy S.


We are in winter here 'down-under'-nothing like your Canadian cold but bad enough if you have Raynauds' disease! I am writing to thank you for your prompt delivery of the full finger Prolotex gloves - a revelation! After a week or two of night - time use my fingers are much more flexible and are staying pink and healthy longer. When they do go dead, I put on the gloves & they are back in the pink very quickly. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical but the gloves are a wonderful thing and I carry them at all times.Thank you again -( I am spreading the word to other cold fingered persons).
Regards from Meg J. W. Queensland, Australia.


... At any rate, I do need to say, today makes one week since wearing the gloves. I use the rt hand all day long since that is the hand that I have a lot of arthritic pain and swelling. I use the left side a night. In just a few days, I found changes in my right hand, and now I dont have any pain, with only slight stiffness in my pinky finger, which was the worst. This gloves are amazing, and I'm sharing the information with my friends and family. In fact, I will be ordering another pair, this time the full finger for bedtime use. I love the softness of the glove and the warmth I feel. Finally, relief without having to take PILLS!!!!

Thank you very much,
Debbie W.


I have been suffering from finger and wrist pain. I am an accountant and I work on a computer almost every day. My doctor told me that I had the beginning of Carpal Tunnel, and I should start using a wrist brace while working and at night. It was not very comfortable while working.

My mother and my 2 sisters also have finger and wrist pain and my elderly mother also has arthritis on her hands and constant numbness. She would wake up crying in the night because her entire arm from her hands to her arms would be painful and she would try to shake off the numbness and put hot compress and wear gloves to keep them warm. She told me that she was afraid to sleep at night for fear of the pain in her hands and arms. I started researching for natural vitamins or medication for us and I read about your therapy gloves. I purchased one for me and for my mother.

From the first day she wore them, she woke up for the first time without pain and numbness. She wears them every night. When she feels the numbness starting during the day, she would put them on until it goes away, but only for a short time. She is 82 years old and is so happy that she can sleep and not wake up with numbness and pain for the first time in years. I wear the fingerless gloves while I work, but only for a few hours. I don't have to wear them every day, but sometimes in the night I would wear them for a few hours. I don't need to wear them 24 hours a day, and I get relieve from the numbness and pain.

My sister took the extra gloves that I purchased for my mother and tried them, and she is so happy that she no longer has swollen hands. Now my other sister wants a pair for her carpal tunnel. I was skeptical at first, but these gloves are so wonderful. We are your customers for life. Thank you so much. Irene F.


Dear Amy

Just a note to thank you for changing the size of the gloves I had ordered from XXL to XL. They arrived today and I am delighted with them.

Mrs S. Robinson

Just letting you know I received the order in good condition. I have been using the gloves while knitting to prevent cramping, etc.

thanks & kind regards,


I have an extreme case of CTS. These gloves are a wonder. I felt relief after only two days. I wear them at night and when using the computer. I just ordered two more pair ... I need these for gardening and a nice pair to wear when we got out to dinner. I highly recommend these gloves ... before surgery, give these a try.


I purchased your therapy gloves several months ago to help with "trigger finger" in both hands. The gloves are wonderful! I work in a pharmacy with a huge customer base. Many of my customers have asked about my gloves and where I got them. I have referred several people to your website. If your orders increase from the Salem/Roanoke area of Virginia, send me a smile! Thanks, Martha W.


I love my gloves so much that I gave one of the pairs to a friend who needed some. Now these are for my Dad & a very special Uncle. Thanks so much for a wonderful product for sore hands!
What you aren't aware of is at the age of 46 years old I had my 1st total knee replacement due to very bad arthritis. The doctor told me he had a lady patient that was 80 years old, he thought hers was the worse case he'd ever seen till he operated on mine. So you see I at an early age have been blessed with arthritis like an elderly person. My hands are no exception, therefore the gloves are a heaven-sent relief. I work at my husbands Medical Clinic at a computer most of the day & the gloves are truly a blessing. I can work longer & without much pain. If you'd like to send some extra brochures, I'm sure I could send some customers your way. They all ask me about my gloves...I tell them I'm a Michael Jackson Fan X two! Smiles~:-)

Thanks so much again,
Maggie I.


Just want to say thankyou, my gloves have arrived , they came yesterday , Ihad them on straight away
and kept them on all night , my pain has been very bad at night waking me up time after time , I
know it is probably to soon but funny thing , I woke up as usual last night afew times but had know pain and know sleepy hand , so I am hoping the same happens tonight , but I have been doing alittle of my knittingf tonight so we will see , my hand has hurt afew times today but not as much as usual, please keep your fingers crossed as I don't want to go through the op again , when I had my other hand done afew yrs ago it took 4mths of hospital therapy everyday to put it right again and now it is weak .
Thankyou again


Dear Amy-just want to let you know, with just casual inteermittent wear and wearing my gloves to bed only a couple of times(I've had them about a week), I have amazing increased mobility that I haven't had for years. Seems to be a great product. Have already recommended to others.
C. Graziose


I just wanted to let you know how much your Prolotex gloves have helped me with trigger finger. Prior to trying your gloves, I visited the doctor for my finger and had two cortisone injections in one year. I was ready to consider surgery when I decided to buy your gloves. I started wearing them every night and before I even thought about it, I had no problem with pain or stuck fingers. It took a few weeks, and now I sometimes forget to even put them on at night, that's how much better my finger is. If I forget too many nights in a row, I feel it a little and go back to wearing the gloves. They are wonderful and I highly recommend them for trigger finger.
MaryAnn P.


Customer Message:
After my dad suffered a stroke the blood circulation in his feet and hands had been affected severly. Since he has been wearing your therapy socks the tingeling sensation in his feet has vanished almost completely. He is very grateful and I am thanking you on his behalf. Best, Sylvia W. UK


I have had CTS for about 13 years,
and the big - bulky gloves, with the metal insert (to keep your wrist straight)
became useless.
I was convinced that the only other option I had left was surgery.
My husband came across your website
and ordered your open finger gloves for me.
I must admit
I thought it was VERY funny,
I mean...
How in the world were these gloves supposed to work
without any support for my wrists?

The first night I wore them to sleep,
I had a hard time falling asleep because I just knew I would start feeling the numbness and burning
in my fingers at any moment.
Besides, I have been wearing those "other" type of gloves for about 10 years.
I am so amazed by your product.
I have had them for 3 days now.
I Love Them !!
I also LOVE the person/people who invented this product.
~ Most people have no idea what it feels like to have your hands wake you up in the middle of the
with burning
(like you have your hand on a hot stove),
and you cannot do anything about it except stare at your hands and fingers, and pray it goes away
so you could go back to sleep.
I LOVE you guys!!
Thank You - Thank You - Thank You !!!
I really don't quite understand how these gloves work ~
and I really don't care.
I just know they do work.
Annette S.


your gloves are amazing, within days I
was able to flex my fingers more than I
have been able to within the last two years. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and
just wish you did a full body suit for the bad days.
Have you thought about a
tubular design for knees and elbows?I am sure it would appeal to a lot of
people. Thank you for your product.
sue g


"I just have to let you know what a difference your socks made. One evening I was a bit exuberant in doing some stretching and woke up the next morning with severe pains in the front of my ankles and down my shins. I could hardly walk down the stairs to get my new socks. I put them on and within about 20 - 30 min. was able to get around the house. The severe pain was reduced to a bearable ache and I was able to get through the day. I took them off in the evening and almost immediately the pain in the front of my ankles increased again. I can't tell you how your socks helped me. My only thing now is to have you guys make a longer sock that will cover my shins... up to the knee maybe like knee socks.
Thanks again for a great product."
S. Neuman


Hi, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the gloves. I have two pair of the fingerless infrared gloves, and am ordering another pair of the full finger gloves and a pair of infrared socks. I was so happy to see that you have them. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 18 years, and my hands have definitely shown improvement since I've been wearing my gloves. I had pain in my hands and they were swollen a lot more than they are now. I am so glad my daughter found them for me. Thank you so much! I wear them all the time now. The slightest breeze, I put them on. Keeping arthritic hands warm is key. Gayle


I was dealing with a lot of nighttime discomfort from CTS, in fact several times a night I would get out of bed to massage my hands and swing my arms around in an attempt to restore normal feeling. It was not only a bother for me, but for my wife as well. The very first night I used my Prolotex gloves the change was, and I really do mean this, miraculous. The pain and discomfort were gone! Furthermore I am happy to say it has been that way EVERY night since. This is a totally unsolicited and honest testimonial.

Steve Allen
Birmingham, MI


Hi Amy; I just want to let you know that I received the second set of replacement gloves in Feb. and they are in perfect condition.
I took my gloves and flew to Florida for a while and I used them every day and slept at night with them on. I must inform you that there is a huge change in all the joints in both my hands from wearing them and I have been able to sleep the whole night.
I still wear them as much as possible during the day and all night. They have relieved my Carpel Tunnel Syndrome to a point that the relief from the pain and numbness in both hands have mostly disappeared. I now can drive my van and do all the things that I used to be able to do, including sleeping all night, prior to getting Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I know that I owe all the relief from pain and numbness to my Therapy Gloves. I thank your company for making these glove and would recommend them to every person who has Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, whether they have it mild or sever. I did not want to have the operation to correct my problem and the Therapy Gloves have solved this for me.
Again, Thank you

Norman Faulkner
Hi Amy, You have my full permission to post this on your testimonial page. You can add or delete items as you see fit. I am pleased that you and your company want to post my feelings about the Therapy Gloves that I purchased. You can use my full Name, Address and what ever else you would like to post.
Thank you;

Norman Faulkner


Thank you, that's very helpful, as posting the gloves back to you would incur postage and packing costs. I look forward to receiving the replacement pair shortly. I am very pleased with the full finger gloves. I am a professional musician and have difficulty warming my hands sufficiently before playing. I also have some RSI in my right hand, and I'm sure the gloves are helping. You can put this on your website if you wish, and I don't mind if you use my name and that I'm from the UK.
Regards Deb T.
United Kingdom



thank you so much for all your time, effort, and energy in creating these gloves. they work!!!!!! my hands and feet{toes included} are so sensitive to the smallest change in weather. i have reynauds syndrome and lupus. also have tried everything with little sucess. these gloves work. it is nothing short of a miracle.

with warm wishes and deep gratitude. you guys are GREAT!

i would be honored. absolutely the manager has my permisson to post my words.

thank you, diane r


Hi - I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the prolotex gloves. I was skeptical when I purchased them. I have arthritis and carpal tunnel from years of doing medical transcription. I have been wearing them to bed and for working during the day and in just under two weeks, I have noticed a big difference. Much less pain, in fact, hardly any. These are a miracle and I'll be recommending them to everyone. Thank you!
Sandy K.


Having recently purchased, on separate occasions, two pairs of gloves and two pairs of socks my
Mother now wishes us to purchase a second pair of socks for her. Suffering from severe Reynauds
Disease she has found your product most helpful. Recently she had had to be admitted to hospital
with her fingers worryingly blackened. The hospital staff were extremely anxious about this, the
worse episode she has ever had. Therefore, after research by ourselves found your gloves, she has
been keen to try ghem. They have provided dramatic relief. She now wants a second pair of socks.

Thank you for your attention.

Elaine W. Great Britain


I just purchased a pair of your Prolotex Gloves for my mother who had been diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago. One of the many side effects of her chemotherapy treatment is constant cold finger pain. Her pain is felt throughout the day, but is very severe at night.
She wore the gloves the first time overnight and called to tell me that her fingers never felt cold and her pain went away while wearing your product. I want to thank you for helping her pain go away and I only wished that I would of thought of your gloves a year and a half ago to keep my mother comfortable through this very unfortunate time in her life.
kathy c.
I would be honored to have my comment posted on your website. I hope my comment makes many other customers purchase your product in the future. Thank you also for your words of kindness for my mother and I.
My mother stopped by the other day and mentioned to me that she had worn the gloves all through the night again with no more cold finger pain at all. I am so relieved that she is now comfortable at night and won't have to suffer with pain like this again.



I received my order and am pleasantly surprised. They do exactly as you stated, my feet have never been so warm. Very good product.

Do you supply to distributors? I would be seriously interested for the UK.

Regards Richard G.


Dear Therapy Gloves,

Back on the website a week after receiving my first pair of open finger gloves to order another pair.

My gloves arrived in the UK within 6 days of ordering.

I have bad carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, brought on during my first pregnancy.

After my first 24 hrs of continuous wear, I noticed a marked improvement in my condition.

I try to wear them continously during the day and always at night. Thanks to these remarkable gloves, I no longer have the awful numbness, tingling and worst of all, the sleepless nights with awful pain in my wrists and hands.

I would STRONGLY recommend these gloves to anyone battling the daily effects of CTS. Just wished I had come across them a long time ago instead of suffering in silence.


Sarah M., Isle of Lewis, SCOTLAND


I recently ordered a pair of prolotex full finger gloves XXL. They were too large. Even though they were too large they began to work on my hands the very first day. I was able to close my fingers for the first time in over 2 years. To me this is a God Send. I am looking forward to seeing what lies ahead in the days to come with my new therapy gloves. Thank You so very much. Rita L.

My wife suffers from chronic pain in her hands due to RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). We have found the therapy gloves to be helpful in controlling the pain. Ray G.

... so i have raynauds but have had way fewer attacks (none indoors) since i got these socks...they make gloves too... there kind of expensive but they work.... A. R. Jinks (from facebook)


Sarah J. wrote ..
I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for changing my life with your amazing therapy gloves. I must admit that when I first bought them I was slightly skeptical as to whether they could really make that much difference. But after nearly 3 months of wearing them every night, the difference is incredible. I suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome, as do my mum and sister.
My sister has already had to have both her hands operated on to solve the problem, and I was beginning to get to the stage where I thought I would have to have the same done. I would wake nearly every night around 4.30 am because the numbness and pain in the hands/fingers would be unbearable by then. The only way to get the feeling back would be to get up and at that time of the morning it would be difficult, so I'd try to doze while all the time trying to shake off the pain, so I'd be tired most days through lack of sleep. Eventually I'd have to get up to get ready for work at 6.30 am and it would usually take up to 20 mins for the feeling to return in my hands, which was also extremely painful as the feeling come back. Trying to do anything when you can't feel your hands is extremely difficult, especially trying to make sandwiches!!!
Now, my life is completely transformed. I sleep right through to my alarm clock, there is almost no tingling in my fingers, hands, no more swollen fingers when I get up, no more numbness. I can feel again. It's just so wonderful. I wanted to let you know, so that you can maybe add this as a testimony for other people who are maybe not sure.

Once again, thank you and don't ever stop making them.

Sarah J.
Brentwood, Essex, England


Thank you for processing the refund so timely. I ordered another pair of gloves in size Large and they are saving my hands from the cold this winter. Thank you for offering such a wonderful product for people with raynauds.
Dorothy R.


Customer Message:
I went to the Doctor and they said I have Raynaud's Syndrome. Put me in a Splint for 2 weeks told me to take Aleve night and morning for 2 weeks charged $136.50 went back in 2 weeks said if it got worse she would scheldule me for surgery charged another $75.00. 2 months later recieved a bill for $36.45 for the splint. I ordered your gloves have worn them at night for 10 days and they have helped me sooooo much. I am going to order more of these gloves.
Thank you Carla


Dear Amy,
These (open finger gloves) are unbelievable. Would you send me a regular pair- not fingerless - and the same size. Just charge me. I don't know what I'm going to do about the first pair. I may keep them or return them. I'm going to do some testing, but I know I love these. Thanks and cheers.

Evonne W.


Customer Message:
I am very happy with my raynaud's gloves, only wish you carried them in brown, beige and yellow. There is a real need for fashionable raynaud's gloves. Why don't you be the first to start! Dawn A.


OKAY, I chose "Testimonial", but I also would like to know if you can connect me with Far Infrared Products for other areas of the body. For instance, is there such a thing as a mattress cover or pad or a back application of some sort, available?
My "Testimonial" is that I have been wearing my Gloves for about two months now, at night and "Oh, my WORD, are they ever helping" My arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms are GREATLY affected, in a wonderful
way!!! The very dry skin on my hands is even Improving, and NO hand lotion or hand cream has helped like these gloves! I love my Far Infrared Gloves.

The Customer Service that I received was exceptional, also!
Thank you for any help you can forward to me regarding any other Products.
Very HAPPY Customer!
Lynn W.


Hi Amy,

I just picked up my package at my local post office. Everything is in well condition. Thank you so MUCH for your effort in this period of time. You are the most responsible representative that I have seen. It is a pleasure to do business with you! :-)

Best regards, Cheria




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