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When 'Quinn' is at home he's out in the paddock most of the time so he's always moving around. At the show's when he's in the stall he does "Stock Up" a bit so I use Prolotex™ Far Infrared  Leg Wraps on him to help keep his legs tight.  

The first night I used them on him his legs I noticed his legs were somewhat less "filled" in the morning but after the second night he had the wraps on, his legs there was a noticeable difference. Barely any sign of puffiness at all.  Before I bought the Prolotex™ Leg Wraps I just used regular cotton wraps and stable bandage at night and "Quinn's legs were always a little stocked up in the mornings.   

I now use the Far Infrared Leg Wraps on him whenever we trailer and when he has to stay in a stall for the shows. Every morning his legs are smooth and tight.   I have been recommending the wraps to all my friends and riding buddies.  

"The Mighty Quinn" uses Prolotex™
Far Infrared  Leg Wraps

Does he look like a Warmblood or a Paint?


Found "The Mighty Quinn" in an unlikely place...
"So here is a little bit of how I found "Quinn" in an unlikely place  -  out of the local Buy and Sell paper. 

I had phoned the number by mistake intending to call about a different ad listed offering a young Thoroughbred for sale.  After some discussion I realized I had the wrong number for the horse that the seller  was talking about was much older than I what I was looking for. The lady on the other end of the phone  then said  ' I have others here as well, in fact a four year old Paint cross'.    From the description the seller gave it sounded like it may be worth taking a look at.

So out I go to a place called Deadman's Creek, which is just  on the edge of town on the Indian reserve. No one was there to meet me when I arrived at the farm,  but the tack was left out for me on the fence, and there was a scruffy looking Paint colored horse in the round pen. I guessed that this must be the horse. 

The Mighty Quinn Tacked him up, got on and knew after the first ten minutes that I liked this horse. I made arrangements to take him home on trial for two weeks. 

My friends were somewhat horrified at what I had brought home and spared no hesitation in telling me so. All suggested that I just take him back and look for a "real" horse.

By the end of the first week I liked him so much I finalized the deal and 'Quinn'  became part of our barn. After only  two years of schooling  and showing the local schooling circuit 'Quinn' is now competing in the  "A" circuit.                           

Attracting attention wherever he goes

"We made the local paper the other week.  The fellow who took the picture was just driving by from an interview at the golf course down the road and saw me schooling "Quinn" over some fences. I was actually trying out a new saddle  (notice the socks on the stirrup leathers). As it turns out I didn't make it to show as the truck broke down a few days before I was
to leave."

Tracy Schools "Quinn" over fences. 


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