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Pain Relief & injury Prevention 

PROLOTEX™ products emit Far Infrared Rays from the Bio Ceramic impregnated material and direct the natural healing thermal rays deep into the horse's tissues increasing circulation.

Therapy leg wraps for horses - FIR Fabric


restoring damaged cells in the ligaments, tendons and muscle tissues.
calming an excited horse
revitalizing a tired horse
relieving pain and muscle cramps
reducing lactic acid & uric acid build up
reducing swelling
cellular healing & regeneration
preventing injuries
improving muscle tone and strength
a drug free alternative therapy 



Far Infrared Therapy Leg Wraps - by PROLOTEX

far infrared training or galloping boots used by jumpers

 Far Infrared Fabric against the skin

PROLOTEX™ far-infrared quilted wraps - with preshrunk soft cotton/polyester exterior & lined with foam, provide just the right amount of padding and support for your horses. PROLOTEX™  therapy leg wraps are ideal for reducing swelling.

The Far Infrared Rays (FIR) boosts micro circulation bringing fresh nutrient loaded blood to the cells and tissues and speeds up the natural healing process. FIR is very effective in treating tendon & tendon sheath injuries, bumps bangs, bruises, sore shins and sprained ligaments. 

Using leg wraps before your workout will help improve blood flow to the limbs and reduce injuries.  Far Infrared Rays improve the general condition of the cells, reduces the individual cells recovery time and will help to maintain your horses fitness.

Use after exercise to reduce joint stiffness, relieve the pain of arthritis and complications from bone concussions.

Temporarily out of Stock (coming back soon!)

Fir Wraps for horses legs

Benefits of Far Infrared Leg Wraps

By stimulating the metabolic functioning of your horse's soft tissues at the cellular level, "nasty" toxins are flushed from the muscles. Such things as poisons, carcinogenic heavy metals, toxic substances, lactic acid, free fatty acids, uric acids associated with aging and fatigue. 

Lactic acid buildup is a major cause of sore stiff muscles, and "tying up" in competitive horses. By using PROLOTEX™  leg wraps, you can shorten recovery time and preventing injuries. 

Will PROLOTEX™ fabric be too hot?

There is a very interesting fact about the improved "deep level" circulation that is produced by PROLOTEX™  far infrared products. The Far Infrared can penetrate up to 5cm into the tissues.

Far- Infrared Rays emitted from the PROLOTEX™ fabric  increases circulation at the molecular level and helps to regulate the bodies temperature to normal levels.

Sweat on the surface of the skin, is reduced by the improved circulation at the deeper molecular level. 



use prolotex far infrared horse boots for schooling and training.

PROLOTEX™  Far Infrared Therapy Leg Wraps help to optimize your horses full potential. 

Click Here for PROLOTEX™ leg wraps


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