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Quilted PROLOTEXFar Infrared Leg Wraps

One pair of Prolotex Far-Infrared Leg Wraps

14" x 28 " Leg Wraps



Tracy & her horse

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Easy to use.

  PROLOTEX™  Therapy Wraps reduce swelling from wind puffs and "stocking up"


Relieves joint Pain: 

PROLOTEX™ Leg Wraps can relieve pain and swelling associated with the following ailments:

Wind Puffs
Strained Ankle Joints
Strained Tendons
Bruised Canon Bone
Bucked Shin
Bog Spavin



Benefits of using: PROLOTEX

A clean, safe natural therapy that gets results
Reduces swelling and pain
Penetrating warmth improves circulation
Promotes regeneration and fast healing
Lightweight, comfortable and stays cool
Can be worn 24 hours a day
Complimentary Veterinary therapy
Improves tendon strength.
Washable and durable







Step by step instructions on How to Bandage with
Far Infrared Therapy Leg Wraps...

 How to apply PROLOTEXFar Infrared Therapy  Leg Wraps

Step 1

Roll the Leg Wrap inside out so that the PROLOTEX™ Far Infrared Material is on the outside of the roll. 

Have your stable bandage ready before you start.


Tip:  The tighter you roll the wrap and your stable bandage the easier it is to apply to the leg.


Step 2

Position the PROLOTEX™ Material against the horses Canon Bone being careful the the edge of the bandage does not press on the Tendon. 
Tip: If the Leg Wrap is the right size for the leg, the top will be positioned just below the knee and will extend to right below the pastern. If you need the PROLOTEX™ Material around the fetlock joint,  you may need the longer wrap to extend down onto the pastern area.


Step 3

We suggest placing the PROLOTEX™ Material on the inside of the leg so that it unrolls across the cannon bone first. Keep the Leg Wrap close to the leg while rolling it on firmly.


Tip:   As with any leg wrap, pressure points from a wrinkle or the edge  of the material on the Deep Flexor Tendon could create further problems, possibly even lameness.



Step 4

Continue to unroll the Leg Wrap around the leg making sure that there are no wrinkles or pressure points on the Tendons. 


Tip:  Put the same Wrap  on the same leg each time you bandage. The PROLOTEX™ Leg Wrap will begin to conform to the leg and become easier to apply. 


Step 5

PROLOTEX™ Therapy  Leg Wraps have lots of padding  allowing for a nice snug wrap without the danger of too much tension.


Tip:  PROLOTEX™  Wraps should be applied directly onto the leg - do not use additional medications or ointments between the Cannon Bone and the Wrap.


Step 6

Hold the Leg Wrap in place by positioning the stable bandage (in this case - blue)  halfway between the knee and pastern, making one wrap straight around the leg. 

Always unroll the stable bandage in the same direction (from the inside of the leg and around the front of the cannon bone) as the PROLOTEX™ Leg Wrap.


Tip:  To help keep the PROLOTEX™ Leg Wrap in place, you may start the bandage by tucking the edge under the leg wrap.


Step 7

Use the first wrap  around the leg to anchor everything and then  work down the leg. Each successive wrap layer should cover 1/2  of the last layer to ensure that you don't create a line of tension around the leg or have the bandage come loose.


Tip:  Some Stable bandages are longer than others.  With a little practice will  know exactly where you need to start your bandage so that you can finish nicely at the top.


Step 8

The finished masterpiece. Make sure there is at least 1/4" of  PROLOTEX™ Leg Wrap showing at the bottom and top of your bandaging.    

Create a small "V" shape at the front of the Fetlock Joint.  This helps allow for movement of the joint with out the stable bandage loosening.

Tip:   Check for even tension all the way down the bandage. If some areas are "Soft" and some are "Hard" the unevenness could make your horse uncomfortable. The finished bandage should feel firm, but not rock hard. If it is "Hard" to the touch it may be too tight.  If it is too loose, and "Soft"  the bandage will slip down the leg as the horse moves around his stall. 

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Order your Far Infrared Quilted Leg Wraps Today!

14" high x 28" long

Far Infrared Therapy Leg Wraps


Use Leg Wraps for:  Stocking up conditions. "Green"  Splints, Strained tendons & Ligaments, Increased circulation  and injury prevention.  Helps tighten tendons.


Tip:   Using Leg Wraps on a regular basis will help prevent injuries to the tendons & ligaments and help to reduce the chances of joint arthritis developing.



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