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Trail horse uses far infrared horse ankle & splint boots

Pain Relief & injury Prevention 

FIR products emit Far Infrared Rays from the Bio Ceramic impregnated material and direct the natural healing thermal rays deep into the horse's tissues increasing circulation.


Technically Advanced Fabrics 

Man-made polypropylene liquid  solutions are impregnated with lead free ceramic powders. The solutions is then spun into nano sized filament fibers and spun into thread. These technically advanced Far Infrared emitting threads are then woven and knitted into fabrics that are safe to use in garments and other products.  PROLOTEX™ uses these amazing specialty fabrics in their line of Equine Therapy Leg Wraps.  Learn more about PROLOTEX™

Research shows these unique, modern materials are very effective in relieving your horses soreness, swelling aches, sprains, or other soft tissue injuries which may occur.



Use PROLOTEX™ wraps for:

restoring damaged cells in the ligaments, tendons and muscle tissues.
calming an excited horse
warming the muscles
revitalizing a tired horse
relieving pain and muscle cramps
reducing lactic acid & uric acid build up
reducing swelling
cellular healing & regeneration
preventing injuries
improving muscle tone and strength
a drug free alternative therapy 


Far Infrared Therapy For Horses

far infrared training or galloping boots used by jumpers

Does Far Infrared Therapy really work?

Simple answer: YES.

Far Infrared Therapy for horses is a new revolutionary way to harness nature's healing power without the use of toxic drugs or chemicals. 

Unlike many veterinary drugs to reduce your horses pain and swelling, Far-Infrared Therapy can actually remedy the cause of the swelling and pain and reduce toxicity levels.

FIR therapy is the drug free alternative for pain relief, and is very affective as an anti inflammatory treatment 

You might be thinking that because FIR is natural, there's no way that it will be strong enough to compete with a drug at relieving pain. 

Most synthetic drugs are designed to deaden pain receptors and impulses rather than help heal the cause of the pain. Far Infrared actually heal the cells and tissues.


Bio-Ceramic Materials:

Learning and studying as much as we can about far infrared technology helps to reduce some of the mystery about this revolutionary therapy. Lets start with the Bio Ceramics.

Bio Ceramics are combinations of lead free minerals that naturally emit far infrared rays.  Different companies have different patents on their secret mineral formulas and use their special mix to produce unique bio-ceramic powders.   Some companies then take the powders and impregnate the mix into the fibers, others apply small FIR "Dots"  to the garments (like the inside of socks) while still others will spray the mixture on the the fabrics. 

In our opinion... the impregnated method used in PROLOTEX™  products is the best since the Bio-Ceramics will not fall off or wash out of the products.


FIR - Part of our Natural Environment

Far Infrared Rays are a part our natural environment. Not only are infrared rays part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum,  they are also found in specific natural earth minerals - like Tourmaline and Jade.


Far Infrared can't be seen with the naked eye

Next time your out on a bright sunny day when the air is cool or even cold, stand in the direct sunlight and feel the warm rays beaming down on you. The air isn't being warmed, yet you feel heat. The heat you feel is created when the rays of far infrared light enter your body.

The deep penetrating "FIR" generates increased activity (vibration) within the cells of your body. Producing an increase in heat energy, which in turn activates cells and enhances metabolism. This is what I meant when I said that I'm "literally" excited about the power of far infrared! 

It's common knowledge that prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light of the sun produces detrimental effects to the skin.

This is not the case with far infrared. In fact, the cells of your body will only absorb FIR if they are of the same intrinsic vibration frequency (8-14 microns) as themselves. Excess FIR passes through the cells without any adverse effects.


Benefits of Far Infrared For Your Horse

By stimulating the metabolic functioning of your horse's soft tissues at the cellular level, "nasty" toxins are flushed from the muscles. Such things as poisons, carcinogenic heavy metals, toxic substances, lactic acid, free fatty acids, uric acids associated with aging and fatigue. 

Lactic acid buildup is a major cause of sore stiff muscles, and "tying up" in competitive horses. By using PROLOTEX™ leg wraps, you can shorten your horses recovery time and prevent further injuries.


Increased circulation and reduced injuries

If there's one word that comes close to summing up what Far Infrared products can do for your horse, that word would be "circulation". Improved circulation, dramatically improved, and I don't just mean the kind of improved blood flow you might first imagine, or associate with a good athletic workout, there's a lot more to it than that.

The warming effects of far infrared dilate (expand) your horse's arteries, blood vessels and tiny capillaries. Circulation and metabolic activity are dramatically increased. Swelling in inflamed and stressed areas are reduced, pain is relieved, the healing process enhanced and recovery time shortened. Isn't your horse worth it?


FIR therapy used as a preventive medicine

Far Infrared therapy products - like PROLOTEX™ Leg Wraps - can be used as a preventive medicine. As mentioned above, when you help flush toxins, like lactic and uric acids from the muscles of your horse, the soft tissues are rejuvenated, flexibility increased and chance of injury is reduced. 

Many strains and sprains to our horses ligaments and tendons are a direct result of lack of circulation in the tissue fibers.


use far infrared leg wraps for schooling and training.

PROLOTEX™ Far Infrared therapy products help to optimize your horses full potential. 

Click Here for PROLOTEX™ Leg Wraps 


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