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Frequently Asked Questions 




PROLOTEX™ uses a high grade of technically advanced Far Infrared emitting, reflecting and refracting fabrics in their products. Fibers of the fabric are impregnated with a "Nano" particle powder of lead free bio ceramic natural minerals. Fabrics are then used to make different products like the Therapeutic leg wraps used for horses.

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Where are PROLOTEX products made?

PROLOTEX™ products are made in Western Canada with offices in the US.

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What is Material Content of Far Infrared Fabric?

PROLOTEX™ fabric is a woven or knitted polypropylene fiber that have been impregnated with micro-particles of lead-free bio ceramics.

Fabric for Equine Leg Wraps:
95% polypropylene
5% ceramics


How do Far Infrared products work?

Far Infrared wraps contain bio ceramic particles that emits far-infrared rays natural energy into the body's tissues.  The thermal energy produced increases circulation, promotes healing, helps to relieve pain and improves your overall health.

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How long will the material last?

Under normal conditions and by following the washing instructions, the Far Infrared fabrics and material will last at least two to three years. 

Have Far Infrared products been tested?

Several different companies have conducted double blind medical studies and clinical tests  published in various different journals and medical papers. Tests include various different medical conditions including increased healing, and burn treatments. 

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How often can I use Far Infrared products on my horse?

PROLOTEX™ Far Infrared therapy leg wraps can conveniently at any time during the day or night. Products for equine athletes can be used before, during and after training.

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Are Far Infrared products washable?

Yes, PROLOTEX™  Far Infrared health products are washable:

  • Hand wash or gentle cycle in cold water (below 15 C or 60 F).
  • Detergent or mild soap can be used.
  • Air dry in room temperature. Avoid heat and direct sunlight. 
  • Do NOT dry clean, iron or bleach


Will the healing properties wash out ?

PROLOTEX™  Far Infrared fabrics contain Bio Ceramic healing minerals. The ceramics are impregnated directly into the fibers before the fabric is made and do not wash out..

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Are FIR products safe for my horse?

Yes,  PROLOTEX™ products are a safe natural alternative therapy. Far Infrared Rays are quite safe for your and your horse. If the muscles and tendons, tissues and cells do not need the healing benefits of the FIR (far infrared rays) - the rays will just pass through harmlessly.   

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Life cycle  - 10,000 openings & closures -
shear strength over 10lbs per square inch!



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